BRCRD Scoreboard

From Hackstrich

Black Rock City Roller Derby needs a scoreboard that can be easily brought out to the desert and quickly set up, is rugged and will survive playa conditions, and also automates as much as possible to minimize the need for NSOs. I want to build something for the 2016 bout.

Project Status

  • 2016-06: Won't be able to afford this for 2016, setting dormant for now.
  • 2015-09-13: Started putting together basic design ideas.
  • BRC 2015: Had no scoreboard at the bout since The Bleachers weren't there and nobody had a whiteboard to do the traditional "hold up a whiteboard now and then" scoreboard system. We also had 3 NSOs total, so dedicating anyone to run a "normal" scoreboard would not have been realistic. Started thinking about coming up with a BRC-tailored scoreboard solution.


  • RGB matrix display using HUB75 type video tiles via TileDriver
    • Size TBD
  • Will display two scores, current state (Jam/Lineup/etc.), and jam and period timers
  • Will have separate remote controls to control each aspect of the scoreboard, not one SBO station
    • 2x SK remotes will have score up/down buttons and a score display in case the operator can't see the scoreboard
      • Can be used either by SKs or by jam refs themselves if we don't have enough NSOs
    • 1x JT remote will have jam start/stop button and a time/status display in case the operator can't see the scoreboard
    • Remotes could use New Age 4xAA Palm Enclosure or New Age 2xAAA Fob Enclosure
      • 2xAAA enclosure is the nicest and even has a belt clip option which would be handy.
        • Only has a 0.5" wide PCB though, fitting the circuit on that may be hard, it's half the width of an XBee.
        • Anaren A110LR09C radio would fit, need to do more research to see how much work using that would be.