CPLD Intro Board

From Hackstrich

I can't find a good Lattice-based intro board for CPLD stuff that has good I/O, a programmer, and is cheap, so I'm designing one instead.

Project Status

  • 2014-12-29: Started putting idea together. Started BOM and schematic, 90% done at this point. Still need to pin out iobank1 and add test points, also add bypass caps to BOM.


  • MachXO CPLD LCMXO256C-3TN100C
  • 8x slide switches
  • 8x pushbuttons
  • 8x LEDs
  • 1x 7-segment LED display
  • USB JTAG via FT2232 (channel A)
    • USB serial via same FT2232 (channel B)
  • All pins also on expansion connectors
    • Onboard peripherals disablable via solder jumpers or something?
    • Possibly also Arduino shield connector footprints to use it as a shield?
      • Would be 3.3v-only though, so of limited use