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The CubeLoop will be an induction loop amplifier designed for small spaces (like a cubicle). It will have:

  • Driving capability for a ~10m loop length (at two turns), connected via binding posts.
  • Inputs for telephone via a handset connector and two audio inputs via minijacks.
  • Mute switch and a remote mute input (for a "get my attention" switch).
  • Mains powered with an IEC C14 connector for the input.

Project Status

Initial design phase.

Front Panel

  • Power switch
  • Power LED (if not integrated into power switch)
  • Mute switch
  • Input selector
  • Gain knob

Rear Panel

  • IEC C14 input for mains power
  • Two binding posts for loop connection
  • Telephone handset connector input
  • Two mini-jack inputs for audio
  • Remote mute input (another mini-jack? or maybe a 1/4" TS jack so a pedal could be used?)


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