HackLab.TO Rb Frequency Reference

From Hackstrich

This project will be to build a 1U Rubidium 10MHz Frequency Reference for the lab, using an Efratom LPRO-101 reference module. This will be used as our house 10MHz reference, initially to run the system timer of tick.hacklab.to.


  • 2013-02-18: Meters are here, and it turns out they can be disassembled to replace the scales, as I'd hoped. Scales created in Meter, ready to apply next time I'm at the lab.
  • 2013-02-03: Ordered meters.
  • 2013-01-02: Got everything hooked up and fixed some bugs in the buffer board. Now seems to be working. Need to get meters and an enclosure.
  • 2013-01-01: Breadboarded up the buffers for the monitoring signals using an LM324 we had laying around, then committed the first part of the signal conditioning board to perfboard.
  • 2012-12-31: Started planning/putting together specs for the finished product.

Desired Features / Specs

  • Half-width 2U Enclosure (likely Hammond RMCS9038BK1)
    • Front:
      • Analog round meter for Lamp Volts (0-15V w/ 6-9V normal range, 3-14V warning range)
      • Analog round meter for VCXO Volts (0-15V w/ 0.5 - 13.3V normal range)
      • Analog edgewise meter for system temperature
      • LED for Atomic Lock
      • LED for Overheat
    • Back:
      • Fused IEC C14 Power Input
      • 10MHz Buffered Sine 0.5V Output
      • 10MHz Buffered TTL 5V Output
    • Internal:
      • Power supply (19V @ 1.75A ignition, 1.25A warmup for ~5mins, 0.5A running)
      • Buffering for Sine output
      • Buffering/conversion to 5V TTL output
      • Signal conditioning board, containing:
        • Buffering for the Lamp Volts meter
        • Buffering for the VCXO Volts meter
        • Buffering for the Atomic Lock LED
        • Temperature monitoring circuit