HackTrack Shield

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HackTrack Shield
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Function: Provide 40 GPIOs and an LCD port, accessible via I2C.
Key Chips: NXP PCA9505
External Ports: 1x HD4480 LCD, 40x GPIO
Required Pins: A4 (I2C SDA), A5 (I2C SCL)
Optional Pins: D2, D3 (Interrupts/LCD), D5-D9 (LCD)

The HackTrack shield will provide 40 GPIOs and a port for an LCD, for use in the HackTrack project initially.

Project Status

Revision 1 boards and parts ordered 2011-03-13. Board built and working (but see revision 1 notes below) with HackTrack. The IOstrich Strich Labs product supersedes this board, dropping the LCD connection but keeping the GPIO expansion.

Revision 1 Notes

  • Shroud on LCD connector interferes with Backlight On jumper and Direct/I2C jumpers
  • Each female GPIO connector plugged into the male ones on the board interfere with each other
  • Almost every connector interferes with every other one
  • Pin 5 on the LCD needs to be tied low