Microchip ZENA

From Hackstrich

The Microchip ZENA is an 802.15.4 sniffer that interfaces via USB. It uses a vendor-specfic device class with two endpoints, one for control to the device and one for data from the device.

Known Control Commands

  • Set Channel + Start Capture: 0x00, channel number from 11-26, 62x 0x00

Data Format

Start Byte Length (bytes) Description Format
0 1 ??? Always 0x00?
1 1 Frame Type/Sequence Number A MSB set = data packet, MSB not set = ???, Lower 4 bits = Sequence Number A
2 2 ???
4 2 Sequence Number B Repeats a seemingly random number of times before incrementing
6 1 Frame Length
7 to end Frame Data