Project Dandelion

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Project Dandelion is the restoration of a Xerox Star 8010 (Dandelion) machine I have into working condition.

Main work log and documentation are on my Dandelion restoration page This page is mostly out of date and not maintained as I figure out what to keep here.

Project Status

  • A detailed Work Log is being kept as I work on this project.
  • Next steps: Pull out the PSU and start inspecting it.
  • Cosmetic: Basic cleanup work done, loose foam vacuumed out, bottom cover wirebrushed and repainted. Much work still to be done.
  • Documentation: Initial internal photos of chassis taken, cable routing photos taken. Wiring harness schematic is being put together as cables are being disconnected.
  • Power Supply/Distribution: Power distribution board reversed into a schematic. Lots more wire tracing needs to be done.
  • Fans: Not started.
  • Backplane/Cabling: Not started.
  • Maintenance Panel/RTC/etc.: Checks out, all functions work as documented.
  • Central Processor Card (CP): Not started.
  • Memory Storage Card (MSC): Not started.
  • Memory Control Card (MCC): Not started.
  • High Speed I/O Card (HSIO): Not started.
  • Low Speed I/O Processor Card (IOP): Not started.
  • Raven/Ethernet Option Card (OPT): Not started.
  • Monitor: Not started.
  • Keyboard: Not started.
  • Flexible Disk: Not started.
  • Rigid Disk: Not started.
  • Full bootup: Not started.


  • Exterior case in good condition, interior has some rust damage and mice have stolen bits of foam/paper to make a nest elsewhere.
  • Loose/crumbling foam vacuumed out.
  • All loose paper/foam/etc. that could be removed without removing any parts has been removed.
  • Fan retention bracket has been removed and wire brushed to remove all rust.
  • Bottom cover has been removed, wirebrushed to remove all old paint and rust, painted, and reinstalled.


Power Supply/Distribution

  • Schematic created of power distribution board, will be put into Hackstrich SVN shortly.

Maintenance Panel

  • Complete functionality tested, all working OK.


/b> Not started.