Solder Paste Dispenser

From Hackstrich

The Solder Paste Dispenser project's aim is to assemble a device that can be used to easily apply solder paste to boards using minimal manual effort.

Project Status

  • 2013-11: Going to call this done as the new space will have plumbed-in air, and using it with the compressor has been working fine for now. System works great and saves us a lot of time!
  • 2012-03-27: Successfully tested the system! Used the big lab air compressor and dispensed paste for a HeartSpark board successfully. System worked great and saved a huge amount of time. Still need to get the small tank working and find the bezel for the back of the controller box.
  • 2012-03-21: Eric sealed the vacuum hose properly, and got a foot pedal connected. Need to bring syringes and misc. parts I have at home next time I'm at the lab to finish this!
  • 2011-10-08: Norman has put the new air connector on. I have put a temporary plug into the vacuum connector and tested the unit, it seems to work fine (though currently leaks air out of every connection).
  • 2011-07-18: Worked on this with Norman at the lab, he is arranging a new air connector for it, I will sort out what to do about the missing vacuum needle valve.
  • Pre-2011: Parts have arrived, new power input module and fuse holder received and need to be installed/tested. Electronics tested and working fine, air circuit not yet tested due to incompatible connectors.


  • Operate independently of a shop air source
  • Dispense using a foot pedal or finger switch
  • Have minimal parts so it can be stored in a small bin at the lab

System Plan

  • Small (1/4 gallon) air tank, can charge using a schraeder valve from a tire pump
  • EFD 2000XL dispenser controller